EDF invites the public to reflect on how we are inhabiting the planet

The planet is in an exceptional moment due to the environmental crisis and the impact of extreme meteorological phenomena amplified by global warming, becoming one of the greatest challenges facing humanity, just as it exposed by the UN in its report on the climate crisis in August of this year.

In this context, the photographic exhibition “Climate change in images” was inaugurated, a selection of photos of landscapes around the world (including Chile), which have been awarded and exhibited in different countries for the shocking reality they show and that seek to raise awareness of the effects that human behavior is having on the planet.

The exhibition consists of 30 large photographs in the same number of stations in the Metro Network. The joint project between Metro, EDF and the global agency Agence France-Presse seeks to raise awareness of the effects of climate change through a selection of images from different parts of the world, including Chile.

The images, which will be exhibited to the public between September and December, explore the interaction of human beings with the planet, focusing on habitat, culture, and nature; and in the different problems that we face as societies: overpopulation, pollution, hyper-consumption, and deforestation.