Engaged in Chile's energy transition

With more than 70 years of experience in France, an expanding presence world-wide and a broad portfolio of competences, EDF aims to become a key player in Chiles’ energy transition, a professional supplier in renewable energies and storage, a provider of smart services and a partner for developing innovative solutions.

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Wide range of activities for a decarbonised future

  1. Flexible Generation

    Through its subsidiary Generadora Metropolitana, EDF supports Chile’s energy transition.

  2. renewable


    Building and operating new renewables capacity for a carbon-free and sustainable future.

  3. storage

    Large Scale Storage

    EDF is leading the development of large-scale Pumped Storage projects to accelerate the decarbonization process.

  4. hydrogen


    The Group is working in line with Chile’s green hydrogen ambitious strategy.

  5. services

    Engineering & Services

    From digital solutions to microgrid projects, we provide engineering expertise and innovative services.

Our flagship projects

We are helping Chile to advance to the next stage in its energy transition by developing innovative renewable projects with world-leading technology and solutions.


Cabo Leones I

Engineering & Services

Off-grid Systems


Hydrogen infrastructure projects

Flexible Generation

Converting Los Vientos into gas

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