Accelerating Chile’s energy transition

Since 2014, EDF Renewables accompanies Chile in his energy transition by developing, building and operating new renewables capacity, participating in the energy transition of the country towards a carbon-free and sustainable future. With its partners, EDF Renewables owns and operates 376 MW of installed capacity in Chile.Moreover, in cooperation with our local players, EDF aims to increase its contribution to the success of the Chilean energy transition by the development of projects such as CEME 1, a 480 MW solar plant located in the commune of María Elena, which will become the largest solar plant in the country.

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    Solar capacity under construction
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    Renewable power under management
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    Solar and Wind Installed Capacity

Cabo Leones I Wind Farm

EDF Renewables Chile and the Spanish group Ibereólica Renovables began the commissioning of the extension of the Cabo Leones I wind farm, located in Freirina in the Atacama Region. The extension project incorporates 12 new wind turbines to the 55 existing ones in the park, completing a total installed capacity of 175,5 MW of clean and renewable energy.

The operation of the wind farm will allow the total injection of more than 500 GWh per year to the National Electric System through the Maitencillo electrical substation, a volume of energy that can supply the energy needs of 163,000 homes and avoid the emission into the atmosphere of 299,000 tons of CO2.

Santiago Solar

The Santiago Solar photovoltaic plant is located in Til Til, Metropolitan Region, 50 km north of Santiago. The plant consists of 358,700 polycristalline modules with a fixed structure with a total 115 MW installed capacity of with a generation capacity of renewable energy of approx. 200 GWh per year, enough for the annual supply of 90,000 households, avoiding the emission of 190,000 tons of CO2 each year. The plant, that started its operations in 2018 and is co-owned by EDF Renewables Chile and AME, is the largest solar park in the Metropolitan Region, Chile’s most populated area.


Bolero is a solar power plant, jointly owned by EDF Renewables Chile and Marubeni, its Japanese partner. With 146 MWp of capacity, its annual output equates to the power used by 191,000 Chilean households over a one-year period. It comprises 475,000 photovoltaic modules equipped with trackers to follow the course of the sun. This asset covers an area of more than 500 hectares in the Atacama Desert, taking advantage of the highest levels of solar irradiance in the world.


On 30 September 2021, EDF and its partner AME finalised the financing of Chile's largest solar plant with a capacity of 480 MW: CEME 1. With this emblematic project of Chile's energy transition, EDF is strengthening its position in a country with strong potential in terms of renewable energy. Located in the Antofagasta region, in the Atacama Desert, the CEME 1 solar power plant will be the largest in the country in terms of capacity and will be able to supply around 400,000 Chilean homes while avoiding the emission of 280,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The solar park will consist of 860,000 photovoltaic modules and will cover approximately 400 hectares, the equivalent of 370 football fields.