Supporting Chile’s hydrogen strategy

The EDF Group has a Low Carbon Hydrogen Plan that aims to develop 3 GW of hydrogen projects through electrolysis worldwide by 2030. In the case of Chile, the EDF Group is developing green hydrogen infrastructure projects through its subsidiaries EDF Renewables and EDF Andes.

Hydrogen infrastructure projects

The Chilean government has developed a very ambitious national green hydrogen strategy to position the country as a clean energy provider for a carbon neutral planet. As part of its aims to become the top destination for green hydrogen investment in Latin America, Chile targets a 5 GW electrolysis capacity by 2025 and aims to become a world leader by 2030 with 25 GW production.

With the assistance of our engineering department INGEUM and our subsidiary Hynamics, a leading producer and distributor of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen, EDF can provide high-performance, innovative hydrogen projects.