Through Generadora Metropolitana, the Group has been supplying competitive and reliable energy since 2018. The company, which has three thermal plants with a total capacity of 750 MW located in strategic points of the National Electricity System, aims to become a leader in the market through innovation towards a more sustainable energy matrix, developing an extensive portfolio of photovoltaic projects to complement its thermal plants. Currently Generadora Metropolitana is developing a 480 MW solar plant and planning the conversion of a diesel plant into gas.
  • 750


    Flexible Installed Capacity
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    Nueva Renca CCGT

Converting Los Vientos into gas

Gas has been recognized as a key component of Chile's energy transition given its ability to meet peak demand and to serve as a backup for renewable energies. This is why we want to use it as a cleaner fuel in our 132 MW open cycle turbine Los Vientos, which currently runs on diesel.