EDF is present in Chile since 2006 through its subsidiaries EDF Andes, EDF Renewables and CITELUM. Today, the Group has around 195 employees working in a wide range of issues, from power generation to electrification in isolated areas. Our overarching mission is to contribute to the Chilean energy transition through renewable energies, storage systems, smart energy & innovative services and solutions.

Building an ecosystem for clean energy

Chile is one of the countries with the biggest renewable energy potential in the world, and as EDF we want to help it to develop that potential. Currently the group is active in the power generation sector, particularly in gas, wind and solar, with an installed capacity of 1,186 MW. EDF Renewables Chile specialises in designing, building and operating large-scale wind farms and solar plants. Through EDF Andes we also contribute to the country’s clean energy future by developing innovative energy storage solutions, customized energy services, and green hydrogen infrastructure projects.

  • 195

    In EDF Chile

  • 2 005

    generated in 2020

  • 436

    Installed renewable capacity


2022 –  The 376 MW Cabo Leones I wind farm expands its installed capacity with an additional 60 MW.

2021 – EDF and AME close the financing of CEME 1, Chile's largest solar plant with a capacity of 480 MW.

2018 – Generadora Metropolitana, a EDF and AME joint-venture, purchases a portfolio of 750 MW thermal generation assets from AES Gener.

2017 – The 146 MW solar plant Bolero, developed and built by EDF Renewables Chile in partnership with Marubeni, starts its operations.

2015 – EDF and AME get awarded a PPA on the public tender conducted by the National Energy Commision.

2013 – EDF starts its development activities with its partner AME to accompany Chile in its transition towards carbon neutrality in 2050.

2006 – Citelum arrives in Chile, achieving since then a strong positioning in the street lightning market, having won important tenders both for the public and private sector.