EDF Andes and EDF Renewables Chile are part of the five founding companies that are part of H2V Magallanes association, a union of green hydrogen producers with presence in the Magallanes Region that will seek to create a space for coordination and dialogue with local actors to promote the sustainable development of this key industry for the energy transition.

The presentation of the organization was held on March the 30th, at the offices of the Regional Government of Magallanes in the city of Punta Arenas, and summoned the Governor of Magallanes, Jorge Flies, among other relevant regional authorities and the founding companies.

The new Association of Producers of Green Hydrogen and its Derivatives of Magallanes (H2V Magallanes AG in Spanish) was created by five companies that have green hydrogen projects in the region at different stages of development: HIF Global, TEG Chile, Total Eren, EDF Andes and EDF Renewables, the latter two subsidiaries of the EDF Group.

Currently, the EDF Group has an international Low Carbon Hydrogen Plan, whose objective is to develop 3 GW of hydrogen projects through electrolysis by 2030 in various countries, where Chile and especially Magallanes will play a key role through initiatives promoted by its subsidiaries EDF Andes and EDF Renewables Chile.

In this context, Joan Leal, Director of Business Development EDF Andes, pointed out that "the development of green hydrogen projects in the Magallanes Region is aligned with the EDF Group's raison d'être, which seeks to build a neutral future in emissions through sustainable and innovative projects. Today, with our participation in H2V Magallanes AG, we want to contribute with our national and international experience in the sector to promote a local industry that is capable of contributing to Chile's energy transition and strengthening the region's economic, social and human capital development."

“The creation and participation in this new association created by companies with presence in Magallanes reaffirms the commitment that the EDF Group have with contributing not only with this industry, but also with the entire region. In particular, we are interested in providing our international experience in the implementation of GH2 projects, as well as sharing our local experience in the development, construction and operation of large-scale renewable energy projects”, indicated Andrés Madariaga, Business Development Director of EDF Renewables Chile.

The association will be focused mainly on encouraging the green hydrogen industry and its derivatives to strengthen the economic and social growth of Magallanes in a sustainable way; promote of human capital and local technical capacities; generate synergies and harmonious development with other productive activities in the region; and facilitate the energy transition and decarbonization through projects that generate shared value for communities, establishing guidelines for good practices in social and environmental matters.

Vision of local authorities

For his part, the Regional Governor, Jorge Flies, highlighted the creation of this association for what it means to Magallanes, expressing that "As the Regional Government, it has been very important to coordinate the work between the companies in such a significant change for the region, country and the world in the framework of green hydrogen. We wish full success and hope that all development processes and later investment are coordinated, especially in what interests us, that improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the region”.

The regional director of Production Promotion Corporation (Corfo), María José Navajas, indicated "from the beginning, the relationship with the companies that created this association has been very good. We have been able to count on their vision and work within the Magallanes Green Hydrogen Regional Transformation Program, through which, it is intended to channel most of the efforts; public and private pin the region, in order that the arrival of this new industry is good for companies and mainly, for the region and its citizens”.

The board of directors of the Association of Green Hydrogen Producers and its Derivatives of Magallanes (H2V Magallanes AG) will be conformed by Juan José Gana, Vice President of Strategic Development at HIF, as president; Antoine Liane, managing director at Total Eren, as vice president; José Margozzini, general manager of TEG Chile, as treasurer, and Joan Leal, Business Director at EDF Andes, as secretary.