EDF Group shared its vision and expertise in the development of green hydrogen projects at Hyvolution Chile

Joan Leal, CEO of EDF Chile, highlighted the role of hydrogen in EDF's global strategy and the relevance it holds for the Group in the development of this industry in Chile. On the other hand, Álvaro Valladares, Manager of New Markets at EDF Renewables Chile, addressed the challenges faced in the development of hydrogen projects, including generating local value in the territories.

The EDF Group had a prominent presence at Hyvolution Chile, the country's first edition of the world's largest hydrogen fair. During the event, Joan Leal and Álvaro Valladares participated as speakers in two panels, where they took the opportunity to highlight EDF's purpose, explain the importance of hydrogen within the Group's strategy to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and share EDF's experience in the value chain of the hydrogen industry.

In the panel "The Hydrogen Value Chain Chile-Europe: What are the next steps?", Joan Leal presented EDF's Hydrogen Plan (Le Plan Hydrogène), stating that its objective is to develop 3 GW of electrolysis capacity globally by 2030. In that context, he emphasized the key role that Chile plays in this strategy and how it aligns with the National Green Hydrogen Strategy, which aims to have 25 GW of electrolyzers in the country by 2030.

He also mentioned the EDF Group's interest in developing green hydrogen projects in the country, given the exceptional conditions of the renewable resource and Chile's commitment to energy transition. Regarding the opportunities for developing the hydrogen industry, he underlined that the conditions are favorable, but it requires a public-private effort where different stakeholders coordinate an effective action plan and address hydrogen-related challenges in a timely manner.

On the other hand, Álvaro Valladares participated in the panel "Advances in Green Hydrogen Projects in Chile," where he highlighted the EDF Group's experience in hydrogen-related matters, referring to international subsidiaries dedicated to electrolyzer production, engineering services, and support in terms of R&D. He also listed some of the hydrogen projects that EDF is executing or developing, particularly in France, England, and Germany. Lastly, while addressing the main challenges for the development of large-scale projects in Chile, Valladares emphasized the importance of integrating these projects into the territories, highlighting the need to promote actions that generate local value.