The French group's partnership with the state-owned oil company will enable the establishment of a new large-scale industrial complex for the deployment of this industry.

On July 27, EDF Group, in collaboration with Empresa Nacional del Petróleo (ENAP) and energy companies Total Eren Chile, HIF Chile, FreePower Group, RWE, and HNH Energy, signed an agreement aimed at transforming the Gregorio Maritime Terminal into the largest industrial complex in the Magallanes Region. This transformation will facilitate the production and commercialization of green hydrogen and its derivatives.

In the initial phase, this agreement will allow for feasibility studies of the project to assess the construction and operation requirements of a new maritime terminal for equipment unloading and new facilities for storage and export of end products.

The strengthening of Gregorio, through the reuse and adaptation of existing infrastructure, will accelerate the development of the green hydrogen industry, reducing environmental impacts and expediting implementation timelines through collaborative efforts.

Matías Steinacker, CEO of EDF Renewables Chile, representing the EDF Group, highlighted this public-private initiative as a concrete signal that companies are addressing the region's concerns and as an excellent step demonstrating a spirit of collaboration and the pursuit of synergies to develop a sustainable industry.

The signing of the agreement, held at the Gregorio Maritime Terminal in Punta Delgada, was attended by the Energy Regional Secretary, María Luisa Ojeda; the regional governor of Magallanes, Jorge Flies; ENAP's CEO, Julio Friedmann; ENAP's board president, Gloria Maldonado; and representatives from the signing companies.

The green hydrogen projects being driven by the EDF Group in Magallanes, namely Energía Verde Austral and Punta Delgada, are key initiatives within the Group's strategy to contribute to accelerating the country's energy transition and collaborating in the global fight against climate change.