Davide Beretta, Project Manager and Researcher of the EIFER Institute, participated in the First International Conference on the Future of Energy organized by the Energy Center of the Catholic University. The European Institute for Energy Research (EIFER) is the main research and development center of the EDF Group and one of the leaders in Europe in energy transition issues. Davide spoke on the Storage Systems panel about the situation of the hydrogen and synthetic fuels market worldwide and its prospects for the coming years.

His participation was justified in the context of the interest that exists in the country to take advantage of the enormous potential that would exist to develop green hydrogen projects that produce synthetic fuels to replace the use of fossil fuels, particularly in the transport and industrial sector, and therefore help accelerate the energy transition. In 2020 the Ministry of Energy presented the National Hydrogen Strategy that aims to develop an electrolysis capacity of 5 GW by 2025 and aspires to make Chile a world leader in green hydrogen production by 2030 with a production of 25 GW.

The EDF Group has a Low Carbon Hydrogen Plan that aims to develop 3 GW of hydrogen projects through electrolysis worldwide by 2030. For Latin America, the plan considers positioning EDF as a relevant player through alliances with strategic partners, project evaluation and development, and engineering services.

Particularly in Chile, the EDF Group is developing green hydrogen infrastructure projects through its subsidiaries EDF Renewables and EDF Andes. EDF Renewables is part of the consortium that is developing the AMER project in Antofagasta, an initiative that considers the annual production of 60,000 tons of e-methanol and is supported by CORFO and is developing the Punta Delgada project in Magallanes. EDF Andes, on the other hand, is evaluating hydrogen and ammonia projects in the Magallanes region and in the north of Chile; it also participated in the "Prefeasibility study for a synthetic fuel project in the Magallanes region based on green hydrogen", commissioned by the Ministry of Energy and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), in which the EIFER Institute participated providing expert advice.