The planet is in an exceptional moment due to the environmental crisis and the impact of extreme weather phenomena amplified by global warming, becoming one of the greatest challenges facing humanity, as exposed by the UN in its report on the climate crisis in August 2021.

In this context, the photographic exhibition "Climate change in images" was inaugurated, a selection of photos of landscapes of the world (including Chile), which have been awarded and exhibited in different countries for the shocking reality they show and seek to raise awareness of the effects that human behavior is having on the planet.

The project consists of 30 large images in an equal number of stations of the Metro network and is the result of a joint work between the urban railroad, the French group EDF (Électricité de France), world leader in low-carbon energy, and the global news agency Agence France-Presse, which has established a commitment to climate change issues, making a worldwide coverage that can be seen in this exhibition.

The CEO of Électricité de France in Chile, Jean-Lorain Genty, noted: "at EDF, a world leader in low-carbon energy generation, we consider global warming to be the main challenge facing humanity. Consequently, we have adopted the construction of a carbon neutral future as our raison d'être. However, we believe that this is a task for everyone, so we decided to promote, together with Metro and Agence France-Presse, the exhibition 'Climate change in images', an invitation to the public to reflect on how we are inhabiting the planet, the effects that this way of life is having on the climate and what actions we can implement to mitigate its impacts".

The exhibition, which has been shown in countries such as France and Uruguay, seeks to make the public reflect on how we inhabit the planet and how it could be altered by global warming, challenging people to modify their behavior or to take concrete actions to address it. In this sense, each of the 30 images has a QR code that leads to a simple survey where people can identify their commitment as citizens to collaborate with this challenge.