Supplying digital and innovative services

Our commitment to accelerate Chile’s transition towards a carbon neutral future extends to our service offer. To support the country’s ambitions, EDF supplies innovative business models, digital solutions and engineering services. We offer solutions like batteries and off-grid systems to help isolated or remote areas to get access to clean energy and drinking water.

Off-grid systems

Countries are looking for cleaner and cheaper solutions to supply their isolated and rural areas, which in Chile are still plentiful. Through its subsidiary Ecosun Innovations, EDF provides plug & play off-grid systems to produce energy, hydrogen and drinking water.

Mobil Photovoltaic System

Through Ecosun Innovations, EDF has supplied to Acciona Construction a Plug & Play and off-grid solution. The Zero Carbon Generator put in place for the contruction of the new jail in Talca permits to drastically reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, keeping the diesel generator as a back-up. This innovative solution considers 70 photovoltaic panels with 26 kW installed capacity and and a 30 kWh storage battery, and will help to reduce 45 tons of equivalent CO2 emissions per year.

Network services

Because the best energy is the one that we don’t consume, EDF encourages energy efficiency by providing smart-grid services. In Chile, EDF wish to help modernize the distribution networks and incorporate smart grids (smart metering in particular) to improve the quality of services.


Through its subsidiary EDF International Networks, EDF has signed an agreement with SAESA to assist them on the homologation process they need to conduct in order to design and implement the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), a smart metering system.

Engineering services

Through our specialized engineering departments, INGEUM and CIH (Hydro Engineering Centre), we apply our 70-year practical expertise operating plants and networks to provide customised solutions, that combine cost and industrial risk management, to improve the performance and safety of your facilities.